Random tests – employees will be notified by mail and must submit to a test facility within 10 days of the date of the letter.

Other reasons to test include Pre-Employment, Follow-Up, Return to Duty and Post-Accident tests. 

Prohibit unlawful use, possession, consumption, distribution or manufacture of banned substances in the workplace

Sole responsibility to remove an ineligible employee from its workforce once notified the employee no longer has a valid drug card.

Shall not employ individuals who do not have a valid drug card. Confirm that each employee and applicant covered by this program does possess a valid drug card via the MICCS database. The employee status will be listed as available if their drug card is valid and not available if their drug card is not valid.




The use, possession, manufacture, or distribution of alcohol and/or drugs is inconsistent with the achievement of these objectives, therefore, the parties resolve to combat chemical abuse in any form and encourage every individual in the industry to join in this effort.

IBEW #481 and the Central Indiana Chapter of the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) are committed to the safe and efficient performance of work in the electrical contracting industry.  The safety and health of employees and the quality of workmanship are of paramount concern.
Download the policy, email or call Quality Connection at 317.931.3611 to request a policy booklet.

Confirmed presence of drugs in the system at or above acceptable cut-off levels.

Refusal to test is recorded as a failure. An employer can provide a valid reason not to test to Quality Connection.  The only accepted valid reasons not to test are restricted to random tests only with reasons being vacation, working outside the jurisdiction, unemployed or wrong mailing address. 

If an employee fails a drug test, the employee will be ineligible for employment for 14 days and will lose income for that 14 day period. A 14 day out-of-work period will apply for a second failure.  If an employee fails a third test in a year, the employee will not be allowed to work for one year.  In addition, employee must consult with an IU Health Substance Abuse Professional and take a return to duty test with a negative/valid result. The return to duty test will be at employee’s expense.


Substance Abuse Drug Testing Program

  • Test at any of the listed facilities
  • Be aware of collection site hours 
  • Arrive at least 30 minutes before collection site closes.  Hours are indicated on the collection site list.  
  • Complete the test within deadline stated in their notice to test letter.
  • If you begin the testing process, you are required to finish the process by providing a sufficient urine specimen within 2 hours or by the time the facility closes, whichever is soonest. 
  • If you fail to finish the process, it will be considered a refusal to test which has the same consequences as a positive test result.  

  • Fill out and present the Consent/Authorization form when you report to the test facility.
  • Bring photo identification such as your drivers license or  CCS identification card. 
  • Employers complete Reasonable Cause Form

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Quality Connection’s Substance Abuse program serves the union electrical construction industry with consolidated, “one-stop-shop” program management and test results that are honored by owners, NECA contractors and IBEW #481 electricians.